Funny Memes About Obama Defeating Romney in 2012 Election

Big Bird defeats RomneyRomney threatened to fire Big Bird during the debates.


President Obama has defeated challenger Mitt Romney in a long, drawn out election. What does America do? Make memes, duh! Here are a few of the funniest ones out so far.


obama 2chainz 2termz

Obama as rapper 2 Chainz

99 Problems, but Mitt ain't one

Jay Z ad-libbed this lyric during a concert for Obama campaign

Sesame Street's The Count volunteers to count Florida votes

Once again, Florida is screwing up their vote count and embarrassing the country.

First world problems - voting lines

First World Problems – Voters wait in long lines in 2012

Big Bird defeats Romney

Romney threatened to fire Big Bird during the debates.

Romney Big Bird Meme

Obama second term meme

Across America, pro-gay rights and marijuana initiatives passed, in addition to Obama’s win.

Maury Povich - Mitt is not the father of America

Reference to Maury Povich show that is infamous for paternity test episodes

Barack Obama trolls Mitt Romney

South Park 2012 Election Meme

References Season 6 Episode 2 of South Park with cheesy 80s movie ski instructor.

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