Arizona Tea Party group raises $500k, buys Elvis commemorative plates, sponsors NASCAR, pays off Rent-A-Center, then disappears with $258k unspoken for

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Tea Party CartoonRoll Call’s Janie Lorber reports on mystery tea baggers, an Arizona based Tea Party group that apparently raises money, promotes itself, and nothing else.

A little-known, Arizona-based tea party organization has hired a prominent Republican operative to help advance its mission in Washington, D.C. But after more than a year in operation and hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, it’s still not clear what the group’s mission actually is. […] Despite its extensive website and an impressive ability to pull in money, appears to do little more than promote its own name.

When I saw this next quote, I couldn’t help but think of the scene in Office Space with the guy yelling at the Bobs ‘I have people skills!’

“We are not a normal tea party group that has meetings and things like that,” spokeswoman Vicki Dooling said. “We are a gatherer of other tea partyers.”

Since raising $500,000 from their members wasn’t enough, the group even goes as far as to sell their member’s email addresses to advertisers:

It appears that the organization also makes money off its mailing list. Emails obtained by Roll Call reveal that the group has rented its 200,000-person mailing list to companies such as Gold Rarities Gallery, an online gold and silver warehouse.
An advertising representative at Newsmax said he helps find clients and confirmed that the list is available for $7,000 ($35 for every thousand names). Dooling said no personal information is released to third parties during the process.

It seems all this group does is attempt to perpetuate itself and send out emails demonizing Unions in Wisconsin. It seems tea baggers are tired of Washington wasting their money so they’re sending it to mysterious groups with no accountability instead.

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  1. Since you can’t cheat an honest man, it’s not surprising that these fools are getting conned.

    Teapiglicans, you’ve been had by charlatans since the beginning.

    Many of us are laughing at many of you.

  2. You forgot the part that when we supposedly “disappeared,” we took off in an UFO and met up with Elvis! These so-called facts are distorted beyond belief. One erroneous article at the bottom of this has turned into that childhood game of operator, where each “telling” gets more dramatic. Enjoy your fairy tale. Teresa Acosta,

    • Teresa I appreciate you taking the time to reply but I am disappointed in the lack of substance in your post. First of all, you seemed to missed some of the irony but that’s ok. I do not feel that your organization has given a sufficient response to these allegations other than sarcasm or dismissal.

      • Jason, This article resulted in hundreds of posts across the internet. I’m not going to defend against trash talk. On our About Us page, we discuss our donations and our team. And here’s link to a formal response: Many reporters these days seem to be more gossip columnists than journalists, writing with an agenda rather than a search for discovery. Not going to waste time responding to gossip; that is like writing into a black hole. Best, Teresa PS: I was writing to your other commenters. Did you notice that many took at face value and missed the irony? This is how it gets even more distorted. Further alerts show this so-called irony has been taken at face value. Next thing you know, our Elvis plates will have been sold on eBay for undisclosed amount. (joke)

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