UGA Student vs Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston on Gay Marriage

Jack Kingston (R-GA1) on Gay Rights


Jack Kingston (R-GA1) on Gay RightsDisclaimer: I’m the student in the video but I wrote this in third person so it didn’t come off as self-serving.

Georgia 1st District Congressman Jack Kingston (R-eally Anti-Gay) visited a University of Georgia Political Science class to meet with students and answer questions.

This video shows an exchange between a student and Rep. Kingston over his anti-gay rights stance. In addition to his opposition to gay rights, Kingston is infamous for his creationism as a science views.

The orginal question asked to Mr. Kingston (which isn’t in the video):

Looking back on history, considering slavery and the Civil Rights movement, are you worried that, looking back, you will be seen as being on the wrong side of the gay rights movement?

In typical Republican fashion, Kingston attempts to dodge the question by bringing up polygamy and even sneaks in a reference to an imaginary study that shows adopted children are better off in opposite-sex relationship households. Fair Warning: Try not to punch your monitor while watching this video. Also, make sure closed captioning is enabled so that you can read the student’s questions.

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