Video of President Obama Giving a Speech at Harvard in 1990

Barack Obama - Harvard Law ReviewBarack Obama was the first African-American president of Harvard Law Review


Barack Obama - Harvard Law Review

Barack Obama was the first African-American president of Harvard Law Review. Not sure who the dude in the wig is to his left.


This was the “smoking gun” that the late Andrew Breitbart claimed to have on President Obama. In this clip, he is endorsing diversity advocate and Harvard professor Derrick Bell. Bell was the first African-American to receive tenure at Harvard University. The purpose of the rally was to demand tenure for more minority and female professors at the university.

Is this as controversial as Breitbart and his devoted followers have long insisted?

Watch the video of Obama in 1990 and judge for yourself(via Buzzfeed):


UPDATE: PBS has posted a longer version of the video and more about the context of the speech.

From the PBS link:

In light of today’s controversy, and editors’ claims that the footage had been edited, we pulled the full archived tape. It includes not just Obama’s speech, but other footage from the rally and portions of Derrick Bell’s speech.


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