Major Disaster Strikes – Man is Very Worried About Person He May Or May Not Know There

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – We have all met a Ken Waters in our lives. While we watch news coverage of major disasters and world events on television people like Ken really live the tragedy. While all we can do is pray and send donations; the Ken Waters of the world must endure the suffering of their self projected victimization.

“When I heard of the tragic events in Haiti recently,” he explains, “I remembered I have a 3rd cousin that might be from Haiti so I immediately Tweeted this to my followers and casually worked it into conversations with co-workers about the event.”

He goes to explain how the recent disaster effects himself more so than others due to this minor degree of separation.

“The first step in relating to a major tragedy in the world,” he continues,”is figuring where the fuck it is. This is why much like the media I tend to ignore Darfur.”

“I just hope my 3rd cousin who may or may not be from Haiti is alright.”