Late Night Political Jokes of the Week – GOP Debate, Obama Sings With Mick Jagger, Gas Prices

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Late Night Political Humor


Jimmy Fallon: “And, speaking of the election, CNN announced that instead of using podiums at Wednesday’s debate, the GOP candidates will be sitting at a table. Which could get awkward when Newt Gingrich asks to see a menu.”

Conan O’Brien:Mitt Romney is in the news. It’s been reported that Mitt Romney’s campaign is spending cash twice as fast as they’re earning it. Hey, it turns out he is just like us, huh?”

Conan O’Brien: “During a concert at the White House yesterday, did you hear about this, President Obama got on stage and performed with Mick Jagger. Yeah. Apparently, Obama wanted to prove to Republicans that he could work with a rich old white guy.”

Jay Leno:Rick Santorum said today that during his 16 years in Congress, he was an outsider the whole time. You know what? After 16 years, you’re not an outsider, okay? You’re just unpopular.”

Jay Leno: “Well, President Obama talked about the rising price of gas today. He said he understands that rising prices are making people worried and fearful. Especially in his re-election campaign. They’re really fearful.”

Craig Ferguson: “The Obama Administration is blaming high gas prices on unrest in the Middle East. I think that’s good news. Because how long can violent chaos last in the Middle East?”

Jay Leno: “Oh, I saw the worst reality show last night. Have you seen this one? It’s called ‘The Republican Debate.’ Anybody watch that? It was on CNN. You know who the big winner was? ‘American Idol’ on Fox.”


The Colbert Report wraps up the latest GOP Debate in Arizona:


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