Late Night Political Jokes of the Week – Top Ten Newt Gingrich Big Ideas, Florida GOP Primary, Trump Endorses Romney

Late Night Political Humor and Jokes
Leno, Conan, and Letterman

Late Night Political HumorDavid Letterman: “Top Ten Other Newt Gingrich ‘Big Ideas’:

10. A Milk Dud the size of a basketball

9. More award shows

8. New iPhone App called ‘Angry Jowls’

7. Ban people from calling something ‘awesome’ unless it actually inspires awe

6. Fill Grand Canyon with custard, rename it Grand Cannoli

5. Diapers on horses

4. You’ve heard of the five-blade razor? How ’bout the six-blade razor?

3. Free donuts

2. End the decade-long conflict between Elton John and Madonna

1. Open marriages for people named Newt.”


Conan O’Brien: “Studies are showing that Republican candidates are buying a lot of their ad time on the Weather Channel. Yeah. You can tell because last night the weatherman blamed the cold front on immigration and gay marriage.”


Jay Leno: “Well, I guess Mitt Romney expected to win. We tape before the polls close obviously, but Newt Gingrich says no matter what happens today in Florida, he is vowing to stay in the race until the end. Hey, and when Newt Gingrich takes a vow, he sticks with it.”


Jay Leno: “And Newt Gingrich, he didn’t concede Florida. He said, ‘Florida’s made it clear, this is a two person race.’ Yeah, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.


Conan O’Brien: “After losing in Florida, Newt Gingrich is campaigning hard in Las Vegas. Gingrich says he loves Las Vegas because it has two of his favorite things, buffets and wedding chapels”


Jimmy Fallon: “Some big election news. Today Donald Trump announced that he’s endorsing Mitt Romney for President. It was really nice. It was really nice. Trump was like, ‘There’s only one man with the brains, the skills and the charisma to be President. But since I’m not running, you might as well vote for Mitt Romney.'”
Newt & Callista: Florida Concession Edition: