Best Political Meme Pictures: 2012 RNC and DNC Conventions Edition

The Simpsons - Old Man Yells at Chair - Eastwood RNC Speech


Now that both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions have wrapped up, check out what the irony-loving internet masses have created to mock them. These are some of the best political memes of the 2012 DNC and RNC that we could find:


The Simpsons - Old Man Yells at Chair - Eastwood RNC Speech

This is a play on the classic “Old Man Yells at Cloud” headline from The Simpsons TV series.

Meme - Ron Paul wants to speak at the RNC

Obama & Clinton laugh at Clint Eastwood Chair Speech

Paul Ryan vs Sara Palin Meme

FLOTUS - Michelle Obama DNC

I have no clue what this one means…

Eastwood - Gran Torino Meme - RNC Speech

This is referencing Clint Eastwood’s character in the movie Gran Torino (2008) who infamously asked his Asians neighbors to refrain from stepping on his lawn.

Drew Carrey - Welcome to the GOP

This references the popular quote from the television series “Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?”

Betty White 2012 DNC Meme Photo

Betty Fucking White – No explanation needed.

Betty White 2012 DNC Speech with Clinton and Obama

Clint Eastwood and Keanu Reeves RNC Meme

“Meta Meme” featuring Keanu Reeves as a meme inside a meme. Whoa…