Budget deal boosts Obama’s standing, applauded by Democrats and Independents – CNN Poll

A CNN/Opinion Research Poll shows some good signs for the Obama Administration in its handling of the recent government shutdown scare. Republicans pushed for policy riders such as: defunding of Planned Parenthood, NPR, PBS, and attempted to lower the Pell Grant award amount among other things. A deal was reached late at night with each side obviously worn from the exchange.

Overall, Republicans in the House took a beating as far as the public’s opinion of the recent budget negotiations. A large majority supported to continue funding of Planned Parenthood and the EPA despite the GOP’s efforts to persuade public opinion away from these. A majority also supported the idea of continuing funding of 2010’s healthcare reform law.

You can also find analysis of this poll at The Hill and Politico.

For an in depth look at the details of the budget deal, check out Jamie Dupree’s budget analysis at the AJC.

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