Chris Christie Exhibits His Debate Skills by Calling a Former Navy SEAL an ‘Idiot’ and Having Him Removed

Christie calls law student an idiot


Christie calls law student an idiot

"I'll have five of everything."

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, known for his abrasive speaking style, got into a heated exchange with Rutgers-Camden law student William Brown, who also served as a Navy SEAL in Iraq(per his own claim).

The video was conveniently edited to exclude most of the student’s replies (surprise, surprise) but this is a small bit of the exchange (You may want to make sure there are no children in the room before playing an HD video of Chris Christie–he ain’t pretty.):



Adding insult to injury, the Governor made a personal attack against the student who was no longer on a microphone to defend himself because he was busy being escorted out by security.

“If you conduct yourself like that in the courtroom, your rear-end is going to get thrown in jail, idiot.”

Keep it classy Chris Christie.

Unlike the selectively edited video above, this one actually has the student responding to reporters outside after the exchange:


UPDATE: Here is a video of William Brown speaking with Gov. Christie in 2010:



William Brown speaking at an open forum in Feb, 2012: