Gallup Poll Shows Most Americans Want To Keep Obamacare Law in Some Form

Poll: Voters vs Obamacare Law


A USAToday/Gallup poll conducted this past weak shows many are still divided over the law, but only a third (31%) want to repeal the law in its entirety. The rest of voters want to keep some or all of the provisions of President Obama’s signature healthcare reform law. The poll was conducted following the Supreme Court’s much anticipated ruling over the constitutionality of the law and its individual mandate.

Most Democrats and Independents Want At Least Parts of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act to remain in place:

Poll: Voters vs Obamacare Law

Gallup reports on their results:

After the court announced its decision Thursday, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney immediately vowed he would begin repealing “Obamacare” on day one of his presidency. His reaction and that of other Republicans suggests that the battle over U.S. healthcare reform isn’t over, but is likely to move back to Capitol Hill — or the White House, should Romney be elected.

When asked what they want Congress to do now that the high court has upheld the 2010 law, 31% say they would repeal the law entirely and 21% would keep the law in place but repeal parts of it. A quarter of Americans swing in the other direction, saying they would like Congress to pass legislation to expand the government’s role in healthcare beyond what the current law does. Thirteen percent want to keep the law in place and do nothing further.

Views on this question are highly partisan, with 65% of Democrats coming down on the side of maintaining, if not expanding, the law, and 85% of Republicans coming down on the side of repealing it, either in whole or in part. Independents are more evenly divided, with 40% in favor of keeping or expanding the law and 49% in favor of repealing all or part of it.

Voter reaction to Supreme Court Obamacare decision