Joe “Douche Canoe” Scarborough declares that you are elitist for criticizing Donald Trump because Reagan…herp derp…

Joe Scarborough crawled out of Zombie Reagan’s asshole long enough to pen this Politico opinion piece.  After eight paragraphs of sucking Reagan dick he gets around to mentioning Donald Trump.


The disconnect between Washington’s view of Reagan and America’s perception of him bears repeating in a year when so many GOP candidates are being showered with contempt by a new generation of Washington elites. As former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin fades from sight, Donald Trump has become the latest target of stinging political headlines.


Those damned evil Washington elitists going after our defenseless GOP leaders like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump who surely do nothing to attract such negative attention.  No way, not them.  He then safely ends with this disclaimer:

That is not to say that Trump is Reagan. He is not. But he isn’t Palin either. That means a run by the New York billionaire would shake up politics in a way not seen since Ross Perot sought the nation’s highest office in 1992.


Even Ross Perot gets a mention in this conservative name-drop-o-thon.