Latest Swing State Polls Show Obama Widening Lead Over Romney, Conservatives Are Now Disowning Polls Like Their Gay Son

Republicans in denial over Obama/Romney swing state polls


NYTimes reports on latest NYT/Quinnipiac polls showing President Obama now with a comfortable lead over Mitt Romney in the critical swing states. The polls show Obama +10 in Ohio, Obama +9 in Florida, Obama +12 in Pennsylvania.


Stephen Colbert on the latest polls showing Romney falling behind President Obama:


Fox News, who championed polls showing lack of voter support for Obamacare two years ago, are now claiming that polls are inaccurate and do not matter. Hmmm…. here is how some conservatives on Facebook are handling the bad news:


Republicans in denial over Obama/Romney swing state polls

The denial is strong in these ones….especially Steve lol….


Greg Sargent, with The Washington Post, attempts to explain the denial some GOP voters are in over these latest poll numbers:

Part of this is probably attributable to what Jonathan Bernstein has called the “conservative closed information feedback loop,” in which those who get their information mainly from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh have come to believe that anything that contradicts that info simply reflects the corrupt mainstream media’s efforts to keep Americans in a state of mass liberal ignorance, by shielding them from conservative truths. And so it’s not uncommon to hear that the only polls that “really count” or are “really telling the truth” are Gallup and Rasmussen, as if all other polls done by major news organizations are mere tools of that conspiracy. But in the real world, dismissing all the polls that don’t tell you what you want to hear as flawed or corrupt is hardly the way to win elections.