2012 GOP Primary Race Political Cartoons


Does the fun ever stop? The 2012 GOP primary race has been one of the most interesting to date. Will the Republican primary results in Michigan show Romney losing his home state? By the time you read this, that question would be irrelevant so we’re not sure why we’re asking. Point and laugh with us at the 2012 GOP Primary:


Florida GOP Primary Cartoon

Daytona 500 - GOP Race

Mitt Romney in New Hampshire Primary

Newt Gingrich Loves America?

New Hampshire Republican Primary

Santorum vs Seperation of Church and State

SNL Church Lady - Dana Carvey as "Rick Santorum"

2012 Republican Culture Wars

Newt vs GOP 2012

Mitt Romney - Auto Bailout in Detroit

Rick Santorum's Bullet-Proof Sweater Vest

GOP Primary Race - Winning?

Obama loves the GOP Primary Debates