Political Cartoons About Mitt Romney’s 2012 Libya Foreign Policy Gaffe (OOPS!)

Romney 2012 Libya Gaffe - Political Cartoon


Mitt Romney…oh Romney, Romney, Romney. Can you hear yourself?

This past week riots broke out around various U.S. embassies in the Middle East because of a controversial anti-Islam movie that was being circulated by Christian Extremist websites (although the official source is yet to be determined). When all was said and done, four members of a U.S. consulate in Libya were murdered by protesters. Romney, never one to miss an opportunity to be asshole in front of the entire world, used this moment to take a shot at Obama being an apologist (a narrative forced by right wing pundits for years, yet no one still buys it). Instead of honoring the fallen heroes, which even his Republican contemporaries did, Romney decided to take a desperate jab at the Obama Administration. Even members of the GOP pounced on Romney’s timing and poor choice of words.

Saw this on the internet following this gaffe: “Mitt Romney’s campaign is so dead, he is thinking of baptizing it.”


Mitt Romney - Foreign Policy Foot in Mouth Cartoon

Mitt Romney vs Libya Gaffe - Cartoon

Romney politicizes slain diplomats in Middle East

Romney 2012 Libya Gaffe - Political Cartoon

Mitt Romney 2012 Foreign Policy Gaffe - Cartoon

Mitt Romney 2012 Gaffe - Political Cartoon


BONUS: Mitt Romney puts on his best smile after criticizing Obama’s Libya reaction, despite the deaths of Americans in the riots:

Mitt Romney smiles at Libya riot news