Colbert on Why Mitt Romney Responded to Gun Control Question in Debate with a Traditional Family Rant

Colbert gets funky with the war on women rap


Following the second presidential debate, Fox New’s Megan Kelly raises concerns over the topic of questions asked by the town hall participants. Most notably, the topic of gun control and assault weapons ban(asked towards the end of the debate). But the strange part about this question was the way that Mitt Romney answered it. By this point in the debate, President Obama had been raining verbal blows on Romney and so Mitt seems to go into some sort of defensive mode – one in which he just recites talking points about the traditional two parent family model. Making it even stranger, Romney has moved back towards being a moderate recently but this rant he gave was very similar to the GOP primaries “right wing” Mitt Romney. This was not long after Romney’s infamous binder full of women comments.


“Why are we talking about gun control? We haven’t had a mass shooting in almost 49 days?!” – Stephen Colbert


The answer to gun violence is a two parent home – Stephen Colbert: