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PPP Poll - GOP thinks Obama is Muslim

Mixed Feelings From Voters and Pundits Over Obama’s Birth Control Compromise

The Obama administration came out of left field last week announcing a mandate requiring health insurers to offer birth control coverage, including religious organizations like churches and hospitals that may be opposed to such coverage. Many Catholics are divided over the issue; even after Obama recently compromised with healthcare providers to please concerns from various religious groups.


Influential FDR Address to Congress in 1938 Provides a Guiding Light to Obama and Occupy Wall Street Almost a Century Later

The line that Roosevelt toed in 1938 is almost identical to the line President Barack Obama must toe to this day. In fact, the parallels are almost staggering. They both needed to convince Congress to take drastic short term steps to repair a damaged economy; but yet felt a responsibility to ensure it could not happen again. Despite the claims of some of their political opponents, neither of these Presidents sought to take advantage of a nation in despair in order to instill their own political doctrine on the country a la Joseph Stalin. These were presidents that were willing to stake their reputations on new changes based on the fruits of our country’s strong Academia presence. The solutions they offered did not come from their “gut”; they come from the minds of think tanks and scholars. They were tasked with being the middle man and needed to sell these programs to Congress and the public.